Category: Spanking

Digital PDF download copies of Kane British spanking magazine by Harrison Marks Please note the prices shown on the covers are the original price of the magazine it is not the price of the offered PDF editions

Paddles, an Australian publication for consenting adults with interests in spanking and related activities

Martinet, a classic British Spanking Magazine with lots of black and white and colour pages of girls and wives being spanked belted and caned

Rawhide by Daisy Publications, a British publication for all lovers of spanking, caning, flogging, paddling, tawsing and corporal punishment in all its many thrilling forms.

Privilege Club and Plus were sister magazines to Janus, edited by Stephen Simms aka Robb Squire who himself appeared in many issues spanking pretty girls

ITC spanking magazine for like minded spanking enthusiasts with lots of contacts to meet ladies and men who want to be spanked and spank

Sting, a magazine devoted to spanking and other forms of corporal punishment, discipline and bondage, with pictures, articles, fiction and correspondence

Roué magazine. Highly collectable 1980s British spanking magazine. Issues 1-24 by first editorial team generally thought to be the best. Style changes thereafter. Particular favourites among many readers are the early “Spankers Galleries” – featuring nice line drawings and the “St Angela’s” stories.

Fessée was illustrated by Paula Meadows AKA Lynn Paula Russell who had her own column page along with the readers letters

Janus Readers’ Correspondence / Special Editions