How Many Times Must I Spank You? – Video

Free Girl on Girl Spanking Video

Free Video with Sarah Stern and Kitty Quinzell from English Spankers.

A story about age regression, humiliation and punishment. Kitty has been trusted to look after Sarah’s house whilst she is in Spain. Sarah arrives back unexpectedly and overhears Kitty swearing and shouting at one of the neighbors on the telephone. Kitty knows better then to behave this way but it seems that she needs a little reminder of what happens to fully grown women who can’t behave. Step Mommy Sarah orders upstairs to get some teeny girls clothing.

Kitty is made to wear a little white vest and big schoolgirl knickers. She is scolded before being put over the knee and given a sound bare bottom spanking. Step Mommy Sarah expects all her girls to have their hair up in ribbons and poor Kitty has forgotten! She is scolded and sent away to sort out her hair. When she returns she gets a reminder of what happens to naughty girls. She is made to bend over the sofa so that Sarah can give her a good hard bare bottom spanking.

Kitty is relearning just what happens to fully grown women who behave like silly teens. If you act like a teen, then you are treated like one. She has been made to sit on the spiky punishment pad to write a letter of apology for her bad behaviour. Step Mummy Sarah doesn’t think she is writing it quick enough so decides to help speed things along. Kitty is bent over the table with her knickers to her knees and spanked hard on the bare whilst she is still writing her note.

Kitty also knows a spanking during the day means another one before bed. She is instructed to go and put in her pyjamas before once more being turned over the knee for further spanks.

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