Butt Plugged And Punished – Video

Free Spanking Video from English Spankers

Free Video with Sarah Stern and Kitty Marie from English Spankers.

Kitty Marie tries to sneak out of the house wearing a really slutty schoolgirl outfit. Her Stepmother catches her and decides to teach her a lesson she will not forget in a hurry. The naughty girl is given a good hard hand spanking and made to wear a butt plug. As she is being spanked the butt plug is twisted and she is told she must wear it for the rest of the day. Not content with just giving her a spanking, Sarah ties her legs to the table and gives her a good hard strapping as well! Kitty Marie is sent to bed with clear instructions to keep the butt plug in place. When Sarah discovers in the morning that the naughty girl has removed it it is soon pushed back into place and Kitty is given another hard over the knee spanking.

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Preview: Watched As She is Caned

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