Matilda Disappoints Stepmommy – Video

Free Video with Miss Iceni and Matilda Caesar from AAA Spanking.

Miss Iceni hates losing and has brought up her girl, Matilda, to believe in the ethos that ‘Confidence is Key’ and to always achieve 1st place! Anything else is unacceptable… It is where this film starts, at a large hotel hosting a renowned Regional Gymnastics competition. Matilda receives a pep talk just before she is due to perform and is reminded that only 1st place will do. A little later…

They return to their hotel suite, with Matilda in disgrace, disappointing her Mom by finishing a lowly 4th! There can be no excuses and Matilda’s sense of dread is palpable as the scolding continues… Because she knows that Mommy has brought some reminders of what happens to young ladies who fail to keep their promises. Still dressed in her leotard, Matilda is dragged over the maternal lap as the withering scolding continues while she receives a spanking.

Miss Iceni does not hold back and shows how upset she is by producing a couple of the dreaded implements of correction that are to be used across Matilda’s pert backside. After the spanking, she is bent over the couch and given a wicked slippering with a heavy black rubber-soled plimsol that has her yelping and promising to do better. This isn’t good enough, of course, and a stinging Jokari Paddle is next to swat the gymnast’s reddening bottom.

This punishment features excellent impact shots from the wooden implement with great facial reactions showing how Matilda is learning an important lesson. Still unhappy with her failure of a girl, Miss Iceni hauls Matilda once more over her lap for another hard hand spanking to reinforce the point that winning is everything and that there will be consequences like this in the future if this is not achieved! Fans of these two amazing people will love this latest installment filmed exclusively at AAA!

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