A Lesson In Listening Skills – Video

Free Video with Amy Fox and Paul Rogers from Cheerleader Spankings.

Amy is the brattiest girl at school and has earned a reputation in class and at cheer practice for being difficult. Unfortunately for Amy, this has also earned her a long overdue ‘discussion’ about listening skills and school attendance with Principal Rogers in his office. The bratting ensues from the moment she relentlessly knocks on the door after being asked to enter… And continues when posed the question about her listening skills.

She adopts a sassy persona designed to infuriate anyone attempting to reprimand her… Eventually, this madame ends up over the principal’s lap for a spanking she so richly deserves. Amy answers back and defies him throughout the spanking until the tight cheer panties are pulled down. Now she realizes that this humiliation of being spanked on her pert glowing bottom is too much, even for her, to endure.

Contrition and promises to do as she is told are met with deaf ears as this punishment takes a swift painful turn that she will not forget! Stood up against the wall, with her bottom fully bared and exposed, the principal brandishes a wooden paddle. He delivers 10 mean stinging swats that leave visible round welts of shame across each cheek of her sore bottom. Amy is one sorry-looking cheerleader, left alone to reflect on the consequences of her behavior and rub her sore burning cheeks.

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