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Free video with Victoria Cryer from Universal Spanking Punishments.

Victoria Cryer’s step-dad gave her every chance not to get spanked. All the young lady had to do was not break rules and be obedient, instead she recently went to a friend’s house and attempted to sneak in a boy! The defiant girl also went out of her way to dress in an inappropriate manner. You’re going to see the spanking that Victoria took otk the following morning after she’d been sent home.

As Victoria waited for her step-dad to enter the room, she calmly made some phone calls while sucking on a sucker. She was at that stage in her life where rules didn’t matter, and it turns her butt was often red hot from the most recent punishment that she’d endured. Things needed to change quickly in their house, however when Mr. Cryer entered the room and his step-daughter ignored him! Victoria kept sucking on the sucker as her step-dad tried to reason with her, in fact there were moments of pure defiance. When questioned about her actions, Victoria began to suck her toes too, she was sending a message to her step-dad so he decided to reply back swinging his stern hand!

Mr. Cryer went from a reasonable figure to strict disciplinarian in quick order. He’d given his step-daughter the opportunity to apologize and now she was going to get her butt tanned! Victoria’s bottom was bared for her spanking and she knew what was going to happen, her naked backside was going to be spanked and paddled! What you are going to see are some rosy red cheeks taking solid swats with two leather paddles and a wooden hair brush, a thorough spanking for a naughty girl. In truth, Victoria didn’t have to respect her old man, but she did have to respect the corporal punishment that she was given. Three days later, she was still rubbing the sting out of her cute cheeks.

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