Lily’s Last Chance  – Video

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Lily has been told to report to the Headmaster’s office since she wants to confront the teaching staff with her continual misbehavior and poor attitude. She has already been punished earlier that day yet doesn’t seem to learn her lesson and is sent to the Headmaster for her last chance. He reminds her that she continues defying those in authority, even by the simple act of wearing sneakers yet again, after being disciplined for this.

Lily is told this is her last chance before expulsion from the private school, something her parents have paid for… And they will not be best pleased. Her bottom is already red and burning but that doesn’t stop the Headmaster from pulling her regulation knickers down and spanking her with his hard hand bent over the desk. Lily knows what is coming next as the last chance punishment involves the use of the Senior Cane…

The most feared implement of correction at the school. He does not hold back and canes her without mercy and it leaves her bottom welted, marked horribly with dark red stripes of shame searing across her aching buttocks. By the end of the caning, her tears are fully flowing and Lily is in no doubt that this was to be her only chance of redemption to remain at the school. This is one punishment that she will not forget for a long time!

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Preview: Exchange Student Spanked