Disrespectful Dolly Disciplined – Video

Free Video with Miss Bernadette and Dolly Mattel from Cheerleader Spankings.

Dolly has been told to go and report to Principal Bernadette’s office for a special punishment after she disrespected the coaching staff again. This time it was for using crude finger signs, flipping the bird, to the coach and other teaching staff. It is unacceptable behavior and this is what the principal reminds her of when they meet. It appears that Dolly has no shame and thinks this is all rather amusing until she is gestured to bend over the desk and her cheer skirt is lifted for the start of a spanking.

Further embarrassment ensues when the tight panties are pulled down so that Miss Bernadette can continue to spank Dolly on her bare, exposed bottom. The punishment continues with a leather strapping and Dolly is told to present the school’s Compliance Strap to her principal… She finds this embarrassing and isn’t feeling so sassy anymore. The strapping has Dolly yelping and crying out in pain as her bottom reddens in shame but her disrespectful hands are the last to be punished…

And she will not like this one little bit! A short stiff leather strap is used across Dolly’s outstretched hands with six stinging swats given to each. Miss Bernadette reminds a sorry-looking, tearful Dolly that her disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated and that this type of discipline will be the consequence of her foolishness in the future. It’s time for Dolly to get serious at school and apply herself!

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